Bookkeeping & Accounting

Book keeping is a part of the accounting procedure that contribute to record all the financial transactions.
Book keeping relates to maintaining day to day financial records by collecting financial information. Accounting, on the other hand, refers to preparing, reporting, analyzing, and summarizing financial data collected. Financial statements or books of accounts are prepared with the help of book keeping which plays a vital role in accounting that states one’s financial position.

Our team look into the company's finance and compliance by maintaining accurate records on :-

  • Accounts payable/ Trade Payables
  • Accounts receivable/ Trade Receivables
  • Payroll/ Employee Benefit Expenses
  • Daily financial entries
  • Reconciliation of Accounts

  • This accuracy and professionalism will be provided by our highly pursuant and dedicated team through various services like-

  • Withholding Tax compliances,
  • GST compliance
  • Financial Reporting
  • Undertaking budgeting or cash flow analysis
  • Monthly Financial Reports and Information
  • Improves the process of invoicing and collections

  • To know more about our services, book an appointment with us.


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