Cafeteria POS Systems

ARBA cafeteria POS systems are highly functional and customizable. More than a cash register, an ARBA POS system is a virtual business partner. Perfect for hospitals, corporations, small businesses, and privately owned cafeterias, ARBA helps increase revenue and profits while managing tasks and operations.

ARBA Retail Systems makes the retail experience a pleasure for customers, owners, managers, and employees. With ARBA, you’ll be able to reduce customer checkout time, store and track consumer preferences, provide payroll deductions for employees, and create a more efficient back office.

ARBA Back Office

Inventory management is a breeze with ARBA cafeteria POS systems because ARBA POS systems place your entire inventory right at your fingertips. You’ll be able to neatly organize and manage all purchasing tasks in one easy-to-access location. ARBA cafeteria POS systems make receiving simple by conveniently inputting new merchandise into the ARBA software, allowing you to receive to purchase orders or non-purchase orders.

One of the features that make ARBA a distinct retail system, in addition to the ones already mentioned, is that ARBA allows for easy-to-implement and easy-to-manage customer loyalty programs and gift cards. ARBA software will enable you to promote products and services that keep your customers coming back.

ARBA POS Terminal

At the POS terminal, ARBA software displays a large and vivid touchscreen PC cash register with easy to understand navigation messages. Training new employees on the ARBA cafeteria pos system is a quick and straightforward process. ARBA software displays a “Training” mode that lets you train new employees without changing sales data or inventory.

The cash drawer comes with a removable till and a large storage area that can accommodate a secret storage space if desired. The POS terminal also has a large customer pole display, hands-free barcode scanner, and a magnetic stripe reader, making payment of any form non-problematic.

The ARBA thermal receipt printer prints receipts clear and fast every time and has an auto cutter, eliminating the hassle of accidentally ripped receipts. The printer also makes roll replacement quick and easy with its simple drop-in design. All receipts are detailed, containing everything you and the customer need to know.

The ARBA cafeteria POS system is the most flexible, dynamic, and easy-to-use of all retail cafeteria POS systems on the market today. We service all 50 states in the USA and Canada, and our product designers are the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. Our POS products, both hardware, and software, are designed from a retailer’s perspective. That’s why our POS systems are not only the easiest to use but also provide the most versatile functionality.

Most importantly, the quality of our service is as rich as the quality of our products. We’ll take the time to train you and teach you everything you need to know about all of our products. Our after-purchase care is second-to-none. That’s why we’ve scaled up tremendously and acquired a considerable base of loyal customers since our enterprise began in 1984. Contact us to see how ARBA cafeteria POS systems can improve your retail situation.